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Unmatched Accuracy Unveiled at Impress Communications

Unmatched Accuracy Unveiled at Impress Communications

Chatsworth, CA – Impress Communications has added a 3rd Bobst Folder-Gluer to its equipment lineup. One of only a handful in Southern California, this machine is capable of producing jobs within precise client-defined tolerances, while maintaining a blistering output, this Bobst EXPERTFOLD introduces a level of efficiency not seen before.


The machine’s state-of-the-art ACCUCHECK vacuum-powered scanning system instantly verifies every piece for color purity, score precision and UPC barcode accuracy while auto-rejecting imperfect items without stopping the line and waiting for operator intervention.


With this new equipment, productivity and precision are no longer mutually exclusive. Nor is any capability sacrificed for the benefit of that speed. Impress’ new Bobst Folder-Gluer, nicknamed “Picture Perfect,” is not limited to simple folds or a meager amount of patterns, it’s programmed to include thousands of variations and can handle complex tasks like 6-corner beers trays, crash-lock boxes and micro corners.


The result of this modern marvel’s 100% accurate quality control inspection, combined with its productivity streamlines the manufacturing workflow and makes Impress Communication’s QC management system a perfect fit for cosmetic, CPG, and other demanding carton and collateral requirements. "More than just a bump in efficiency," remarked Paul Marino, Executive Director of Impress Communications, "this new addition is a great confidence booster. We can push ourselves creatively knowing our vision will be executed "Picture Perfect" every time."


This technology improves upon our industry reliance of exclusively manned operations and heralds in a new era for our quality conscious customers and their most important projects. With more than a century of engineering under its belt, and a worldwide presence in over 50 countries, Bobst machinery is second to none, and Impress Communications is proud to welcome their latest and greatest into our family.

WATCH Picture Perfect in action.


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Impress Communications is a privately held company based in Chatsworth, California. The company delivers multifaceted, fully integrated strategic marketing and innovative print solutions.

For more information, please contact Darren Tarlow at 818-701-8800 or [email protected] or visit the Impress website at www.impress1.com.




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