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Lover Brand Archetype: Is Your Brand The Romantic Type? Find Out Here

Lover Brand Archetype

“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.”

― Rumi


Charming, charismatic, friendly, and fun, Lovers are fulfilled by gaining reciprocal love and intimacy. Looking to lure customers in through their bold and captivating messaging, Lover archetype brands portray their products as indulgent and alluring.  

While best known for their desire to attract the opposite sex, Lovers are generally concerned with their overall perception by others as well. This focus on aesthetics means that a 5-Star presentation is a non-negotiable, and simply being functional isn’t nearly enough for this archetype.

Who Fits the Lover Archetype?

Modern day Lovers are usually portrayed by beautiful men and women as representatives of a lifestyle or product. Their physical beauty strongly implies to viewers that in order to resemble them, and get the adoration that they receive, consumers need to purchase what they’re promoting. The concept of improving oneself externally in order to gain love is as old as time, and therefore makes this a very powerful archetype and motivator.  

X-Factor: Archetype of Extremes

The Lover archetype is one of extremes. Their attractiveness and passion is a magnet for attention, but along with that can come drama, jealousy, obsession, and controversy. Accused by some as objectifying men or women, and promoting unwholesome values, this archetype can either be extremely successful if carried out properly, or could flop if careful foresight isn’t applied.


Brands Channeling the Lover 

Carl’s Jr.

For years Carl’s Jr. has been challenging the notion that the Lover archetype should be left for the “wealthy” brands and industries that produce luxury autos, divine confections, and chic clothing. A simple fast-food burger chain, Carl’s Jr. has been sprinkling in the Lover archetype for over a decade.


All Natural

Unfazed by controversy, Carl’s Jr. is known for airing the Paris Hilton car wash commercial, Kate Upton retro inspired Southwest Patty Melt commercial, and many other racy TV spots of a similar style. This year is no different and with its launch of their All Natural burger that contains no added hormones or steriods, they’ve shot a commercial that makes it seem like model Charlotte McKinney is walking through a farmer’s market completely naked, being covered from the viewers sight only by strategically placed fruit. At the end it turns out she’s not naked after all, but that hasn’t stopped the discussion online of whether or not this type of commercial is pushing the limit too far.


Dos Equis: 

In a sector where most brands try and relate to as broad of an audience as possible by leaning on archetypes like the Everyman, Jester, Explorer, or Ruler, Dos Equis went in a different direction. In a world where brands attempt to shout over each other, they decided that a quiet, mature confidence would be both different and enticing.


Most Interesting Man in the World

Not all Lover archetype commercials needs to revolve around skimpily dressed women to be effective. In this commercial campaign Dos Equis managed to develop a strong Lover archetype in a much more subtle manner. Instead of targeting the passionate and lustful facet of this archetype, they chose to build a character that is debonair and fascinating. His daring exploits and magnetic charm draw in everyone. Women love him because he’s so accomplished and charismatic, while men find themselves wishing they could be like him. Considering that “his small talk has altered foreign policy,” and that “his personality is so magnetic he’s unable to carry credit cards,” how can you blame them?


Alfa Romeo

Thought to be unreliable and mechanically suspect for decades, many have overlooked this as the Alfa Romeo has long been considered a vehicle for people that are passionate about style and design. Unlike the messages from other car companies about how their vehicles are reliable, practical, or luxurious, Alfa’s main message is that “without heart, we would be mere machines.”



Here Alfa Romeo shows their take on the “The Romance of Performance” through portraying the extreme drama of an up and down, passionate relationship. While being kicked out of the house by an enraged girlfriend, an Italian man stands below the balcony as his partner tosses over all his belongings. Once she’s through berating and accusing him of an affair, she’s instantly over the rainbow once she realizes that the new red Alfa is for her. An English couple that is watching the drama unfold provides their commentary on the scene, as the English woman remarks, “All that just over a car….” Her husband then calmly educates her by letting her know that “it’s not a car, it’s an Alfa Romeo,” implying that the passion simply comes with owning the vehicle.



Do you think your brand might have attributes of the Lover archetype?

Compare it against the checklist below to find out.

The products, services, or experiences your brand sells celebrate love or beauty.

Style is just as important, if not more so, than substance.

Your brand prioritizes relationships and consensus.

Your company appreciates talented individuals and gives them the resources to grow.

Your corporate culture attracts and retains employees who are passionate about their jobs and your brand.


Put it to Use

If you find that your brand does fit this archetype, here are some places to put it to use.

  • Design – The color scheme and styling of your branding should be bold, sexy, and captivating. (website, print collateral, business cards, videos, etc)
  • Content - The copy displayed on any brand messaging should be descriptive, engaging, and contain an emotional aspect.
  • Images – The imagery on your marketing material should be stylish, desirable, and alluring.
  • Social Media – A tone that is intriguing, exciting, or playful work well for this archetype.
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