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Integrated Marketing

Reaching the consumer through traditional means is becoming increasingly difficult. With the abundance of mobile devices, easy access to media, and the constant barrage of commercials, consumers are becoming adept at filtering all the advertising "noise" out. Integrated marketing can give you the edge over your competition by using creativity and an interactive element to gain your customer's attention.

The greatest advantage an integrated marketing approach provides is the ability to educate the customer and let them understand why your product is special. Creative examples like this Peugeot Magazine Ad brilliantly cover all the bases for a successful educational ad. The ad depicts the inside of a car from the driver's point of view. When the customer punches the steering wheel image an airbag inflates on the reverse side, which elevates the page. It's very effective as the consumer gets a result immediately, which is paramount in our instant gratification society. In addition, Peugeot earns the customer's full attention during the few seconds that it takes the airbag to fill. Most importantly however, even without words the customer now has an association of Peugeot being safe through the simple interaction with this magazine ad.

Another intriguing effect an integrated marketing strategy can provide is the ability to convey value, or any other quality that you feel your product provides. Perhaps you saw the Forbes magazine ad that featured a Microsoft ad that integrated a free real mobile hot spot with 2 weeks of free wireless Internet? While this ad wasn't educational like the Peugeot example, it did attract a great deal of attention and discussion. According to Springwise, which promotes new business ideas, one of the consequences of the ad campaign is that Forbes Magazine became a "valuable utility," something readers would carry around -- causing them, of course, to "actually engage with the printed content." Springwise suggests this might provide an avenue for print companies looking to interest a fading readership.

Here at Impress, we're enjoying the challenge of integrating video into our print marketing. It's been found that videos increase people's understanding of your product or service by 74% and that 75% of users visit the marketer's website after viewing a video. In an attempt to leverage this information, we've created a direct mail piece that includes a LCD screen with a preloaded video. We've recently sent a number of these units out, and are already receiving great feedback from new and previous clients!

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