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Impress Communications’ New Bobst NOVACUT Pulls Double-Duty

Impress Communications’ New Bobst NOVACUT Pulls Double-Duty


Chatsworth, CA – Impress Communications has added a hulking piece to its production floor, and overall capabilities. Standing at just over 10 feet tall, and nearly 30' in length, Impress’ new Bobst NOVACUT ER is imposing in terms of its physical footprint, and what it can do.


Nicknamed “Bossa Nova,” the NOVACUT ER is unique in the world of die-cutters in that it has the ability to die-cut, and then blank sheets in-line with amazing speed and precision. Not only does this dual-functionality eliminate the need for stripping edge waste from printed sheets, but it has created greater efficiency throughout the rest of Impress’ downstream workflow.


Additionally, Bossa Nova has become a fan favorite of visitors who take Impress’ famous plant tour (something any new visitor is encouraged to do). When the NOVACUT ER is cranked up, die-cutting and blanking at over 7,000 sheets an hour, the continuous stream of edge waste coming off the conveyor has been known to mesmerize onlookers who are shocked at the sheer output of this machine.


Add to that the ability for swapping finished pallets with empty ones while Bossa Nova operates at full speed, and it’s easy to understand why everyone from operators to clients are singing the praises of NOVACUT. Impress’ packaging clients are particularly excited, as Impress' Executive Director, Paul Marino explains, “Our turnaround time on carton projects has accelerated so much so that we can provide our clients’ design teams with additional days to perfect their visions and still make tight deadlines.”


Providing that kind of flexibility and customer service is at the core of Impress Communications’ philosophy, and a big part of why they put their trust in Bobst’s industry-leading solutions. This NOVACUT ER, one of a few in the western region, is the latest addition in a long relationship between Impress and Bobst, and is sure to be a crown jewel for Impress’ packaging operations for some time to come.

WATCH Bossa Nova in action.


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Impress Communications is a privately held company based in Chatsworth, California. The company delivers multifaceted, fully integrated strategic marketing and innovative print solutions.

For more information, please contact Darren Tarlow at 818-701-8800 or [email protected] or visit the Impress website at www.impress1.com.


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