How Two: Pro Video on a Shoestring

In the first of our “How Two” quick tutorial videos, we take a look at how to elevate your videos with minimal expense. Whether you’d like to include a video in an email you’re sending out to clients, want to embed a short video on your website, or anything else in between, we’ll show you how to make your video look better than the average phone recording.

The cameras in our phones are getting advanced enough to film sharp video, but a camera alone isn’t enough to make one you can be proud of. In this “How Two” we’ll show you how to use office supplies and some inexpensive recording tools to make your production stand out. Capturing clean audio, video, and properly lighting the scene are steps many video shooters either don’t bother to do, or don’t know how. Give us two minutes, and we’ll show you how to make a legitimate looking office video on a shoestring budget.