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Corrugated Packaging: The Eco-Chic

For years, the common associations of corrugate packaging have been “effective”, but “dull”.  A medium once reserved only for shipping containers is finding a new lease on life.

Corrugated board, confused by many with cardboard, contains “flutes”, which refer to the wave shapes, or ridges, that are pressed into a sheet of material that has been softened by steam. This material is then sandwiched between flat sheets of material to form corrugated board. The flutes serve as protective cushioning and help strengthen a carton.   

This material is considered very inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and with good reason as over 90 percent of all containerboard produced is recovered and recycled in the United States. Corrugated board has the best recycling rate of any packaging material used today.

With increasing attention paid to climate change, packaging that is eco-friendly conveys an association with being natural and honest. Many brands have jumped on this trend ranging from industries such as food all the way to tech. Starbucks is seen by many as an innovator when it comes to being eco-friendly, as much of their packaging is made from corrugated board. 

While the food and service industries are seen as a perfect fit for corrugate packaging, there are other sectors that are looking to break the mold. For years light bulbs were, and still are mostly wrapped in the stereotypical blister packaging. However, today, a trip to a hardware retailer or a quick search online shows a multitude containers that protect the product inside just as well, look modern, and on top of that are made out of a highly recyclable material.

Changing your packaging can be a daunting prospect to transfer over all at once. Perhaps letting the consumer make the choice is a good way to transition to switching to corrugated eco-friendly boxes. Joby, the maker of the famous Gorillapod, offers its customers the option of receiving their product in an eco-friendly corrugate box or its standard package. This is a great way to get users accustomed to receiving the same quality product, but in an environmentally responsible way.

Whether you want draw attention to your products while conveying a sense of goodwill and honesty, or want to lower your packaging costs, corrugated board is a great, underutilized medium! 

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