Impress Communications Is First In The West with Highcon’s Revolutionary Laser Die-Cutter


Chatsworth, CA – Impress Communications’ entire print communications facility is abuzz with excitement. The cutting-edge Highcon Euclid III has just arrived, and everyone is excited to showcase the amazing capabilities of this technological breakthrough. RSVP to the Open House

Impress Communications Welcomes Xerox’s New iGen 5 to Southern California


Chatsworth, CA – Chatsworth, CA – Looking to expand its lineup of innovative presses, like their custom-configured 8-color Komori, Impress Communications has brought one of the first iGen 5 digital presses to Southern California. The iGen5 builds upon the many digital breakthroughs Xerox has pioneered since the launch of the iGen platform in 2002.

Impress Communications’ New Bobst NOVACUT Pulls Double-Duty


Chatsworth, CA – Impress Communications has added a hulking piece to its production floor, and overall capabilities. Standing at just over 10 feet tall, and nearly 30' in length, Impress’ new Bobst NOVACUT ER is imposing in terms of its physical footprint, and what it can do.

Unmatched Accuracy Unveiled at Impress Communications

Chatsworth, CA – Impress Communications has added a 3rd Bobst Folder-Gluer to its equipment lineup. One of only a handful in Southern California, this machine is capable of producing jobs within precise client-defined tolerances, while maintaining a blistering output, this Bobst EXPERTFOLD introduces a level of efficiency not seen before.

Of the 5 senses, the print marketing industry logically invests considerable time and money developing eye-catching graphics to appeal to the sense of sight. The other senses including smell, hearing, and taste (unless you make a habit of tasting ads for good measure) aren’t as applicable to the print medium. That leaves one more sense that is grossly underutilized: touch.

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