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Minding the Credibility Gap

How you’re torpedoing your online credibility without even knowing it.

Packaging - More than a Billboard

We tend to think of the role of packaging as an “attention getter.” Something that makes the consumer stop while walking down the aisle, and reach for our product versus the competition. Packaging however, has many other roles that shape consumer perception. As specialist Jill Ahern in an interview for “Brand Packaging” describes,

“Packaging actually shapes the selection perception, use occasions, storage, disposal, and nearly every other facet of a consumer’s relationship with products. If you think about every product you saw an advertisement for, used, or consumed today, you probably saw or touched the packaging as much or more than the product itself. “

Lover Brand Archetype

“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.”

― Rumi

Without a brand, you’re simply a commodity. Without a strong brand, you’re destined to blend in with the herd.

SEO is evolving, and it’s happening fast.  If your SEO strategy still involves keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, and spamming your website in blog comments, you’re not doing your site or brand any favors. Instead, it’s likely that you’re negatively affecting your search rankings.

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