Starting from our building and workflow, all the way down to our inks, we aim to minimize our green footprint as much as possible. We’re able to dramatically reduce our energy consumption and waste products through energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures throughout our facility, modern presses that minimize chemical, solid, and water waste, as well as an electronic computer-to-plate system that eliminates chemical byproduct. 

  • We use only low VOC soy-based inks or no VOC UV inks. This means our inks create less toxic waste and reduce harmful emissions in the workplace.

  • Our water-based coatings, low-VOC washes and solvents have eliminated 75% of all emissions in our facility.

  • Our modern and efficient presses use less energy while minimizing chemical, solid and water waste from the printing process 

  • Innovative ink dispensing systems on our presses eliminate the need for special waste disposal handling

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