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Window to a whole new world


Chatsworth, CA – The packaging, your direct mailer, a presentation sleeve or report cover is a critical piece to your marketing. It’s the first view a customer has of your brand and sets the tone for the type of interaction they will experience upon opening your marketing piece.

It’s for this reason we’re excited to announce our new window machine. This addition to the Impress family gives you the ability to create paths for exciting product discovery in any of your packaging or printed materials, highlighting your product in a number of unique ways.

“Windows are not just clear panes. Using a variety of folds and designs you can create the tactile feel of a handheld showroom, or provide different angles to see your product from. They become true design elements, not the absence of design as one might think,” says Paul Marino, Impress’ Executive Director.

Our window maker is capable of angle folds, shaping curved cylindrical style openings, sliding peek-a-boo reveals and a spectrum of window tints. “More importantly,” adds Marino, “it’s custom-built to help you express your brand. A window creates an interaction that engages your customer on a deeper level and invites them to explore your message.”

As the new machine comes online, everyone at Impress, from the operators to the designers, is looking forward to the endless possibilities that have opened up.


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