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Whether you need a brand new logo developed, or are in the process of a brand revamp and need a logo to match, the creative services team at Impress has you covered. We start by laying the groundwork for our designs by researching your brand, industry, competitors, retail channels, and much more to get a good sense of your brand narrative, and how to advance its story. We then move to the creative process of sketching multiple concepts of your new logo, before translating that to a digital format. Multiple rounds of concept reviews with our clients ensure that we make the necessary adjustments in order for the new logo to properly convey the brand's message. 



The logo evolution above was for a make-up and beauty brand, Cinema Secrets, which had a strong base of customers in the film, entertainment, and special effects industries in Hollywood. While this customer base was a big part of the company, Cinema Secrets didn't want to be known for serving solely these markets, and wanted to break out into main street professional cosmetics. In order to be able to be a strong representative of the brand on the store shelf, the logo and packaging needed a revamp. During our exploration and design, we took two distinctly different paths. One was to follow the Art Deco style roots of the original logo (pictured in the top left) and give it a stronger, and more modern, impactful treatment. The other experimental approach we took was to give the logo a more youthful style that would perhaps appeal to a slightly younger demographic in order for Cinema Secrets to ensure brand longevity. Ultimately, the history and stature of the company led our clients to decide that staying with the Art Deco theme, and bringing it into 2014 was the best course of action. 


Striving to keep an updated brand image, Athena Cosemtics tasked us with redesigning their logo in order to stay current with market and design trends. Working from their original logo (top left) we explored various levels of modernity and focusing on different aspects of the design. In order for the customer to be able to easily distinguish between their various products on the shelf, we emphasized the "Lash" portion, as this part of the logo will change in accordance to the specific product. The final version is lighter and more nimble due to a lesser number of shape styles, more modern, as well as easier to spot at a quick glance. 


Already being sold in some big-box wholesale stores, Hoopster, a waste paper basket in the form of a basketball net, was aspiring to become a mainstay in offices, college dorm rooms, and the like. In order to make this a reality, the logo of the product needed a facelift that carried with it the dynamism and casual fun of the product. Getting away from positioning it as sports equipment, and instead framing it as a fun toy that should be in any basketball fans office, we dropped references to basketballs and monolithic league shields. Instead, we were inspired by the nostalgic fun of Nerf guns we played with as kids and the idea that everyone needs a few moments in their day where they can imagine themselves as shooting the game winning shot, rather than pushing papers. 

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